For nearly two decades, Maynor Lawn Care has provided the residents of Clewiston, FL and nearby towns with the very finest in professional lawn care.


Tony and Kari Maynor, own and operate the popular business and strive for results that show off your home or business.



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Professional Lawn Care Tips


Do you want a lawn that looks like this?



Read below a few of the tips that Maynor Lawn Care uses produce beautiful lawns.


Having a beautiful lawn is more than just mowing the yard.  It takes a lot of work to make sure that the shrubs are trimmed neatly, the sidewalks are edged and the edges of landscapes are trimmed to perfection.  Proper amounts of water and fertilizer will keep your lawn healthy and looking like a green carpet.



Proper irrigation, along with correct fertilization during the dry season is a must in south Florida.


Edging your walks will add a very nice appearance to your walkways and keeps grass from growing across the walks.  It is also important to edge around landscape features and flowers with care to keep them healthy and looking perfect.






A healthy lawn helps prevent insects and other pests, making your outdoor area more livable.



You should try to mow the grass in a different pattern each mowing. This gives a smoother lawn and builds healthier turf. Never mow when the yard is saturated with rain as it will result in ruts and damaged turf.



The final step to having a well kept lawn is proper cleanup of driveways and walks by blowing the clippings away.



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